Garth Hill Class of '76


Hi, I'm Alan Hayward - you might remember me, I was in Form "R". I discovered the Friends Reunited website in October 2001 and it completely blew me away...

As it was about 25 years since I was at Garth, I spent most of a half term week off work remembering names, recalling the school and things that had happened.  Call me sad if you like, but I was really intrigued as to how everybody was getting on and where they were now.

I wasn't in touch with anyone from school as I had moved away to Swindon and had lost contact, although my Mum and brother were still in Bracknell.  

Still acting like a kid after all these years

So I thought it was high time I tracked down as many people as I could and to set up a reunion, which happened in April 2002.  We had around forty in the old Lower School Hall, along with a few teachers.  Eight hours have never passed so quickly, it was an incredible day - nobody had really changed.  We all enjoyed it so much that it just has to be a regular event, hopefully growing in numbers each time. This site was set up in January 2003 as a focus for our year (see About This Site), but primarily to interest and enthuse you enough to come along to the the next reunion of the

Garth Hill Class of '76

...thanks for visiting and hope to see you soon!


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