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Latest News
- "Summer of '76 (+40!) Reunion" in planning, possibly 9th July 2016 in Bracknell (02/03/16)
- 50th Get Together write up and photos coming soon (02/03/16)
- Now on Facebook (02/03/16)
- Database fixed! (25/02/16)
- Friends Reunited is no more (25/02/16)

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This is the home page for the website - if you want to avoid the intro pages again (and my ugly mug), then bookmark this page/add it to your favourites, usually CTRL-D on Internet Explorer. I have put as much info as I can get into this and I hope that you find it interesting and fun, but hopefully not too painfully nostalgic...

Grey Matter Focus
Paul Furneaux dug up a picture of our year taken sometime in the Autumn of 1976 (Lower Sixth). I left in July so I wasn't in it. We can identify all but 8 of the 80 odd faces and would appreciate some assistance. Were you in the sixth form and is your name missing from the list?
Grey Matter Focus

Help! We are compiling a list of all of the pupils in our year and desperately need copies of the last fourth form photo which was taken in June 1975. They are very helpful, as Kim can usually put names against the faces. So if you have 4G then please, please could you scan and email.

Reunion News
Reunion News
Our last reunion was "Reunion Lite" on Saturday
13th March 2004, which turned out to be another cracker!

As we are all turning 50 we have decided to do it again. Once again the Weather Vane in Bracknell will be the venue on the evening of Saturday
24th April 2010. Hope to see you there, please spread the word!

Memory of
the Month

(with credit to FR)

Joan Cooper wrote;

I also remember a brush with fame in about 1973. Shirley Atkins, Susan Hope and I were in town at the Golden Plaice buying our chips, when we saw Rod Stewart shopping in the town centre! We followed him about for what seemed like hours and eventually he realised. We asked for his autograph but none of us had pens, so he gave us the money to buy a pen from Woolworths! He signed the chip paper and I think I still have it to this day. We were told off for being late back to registration, by our Form Teacher, Mr Hunt - whose face went as red as his hair when he was angry! He was a chemistry teacher as I recall.

Memory of the Month

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Surprise turn ups for the book at the 2010 reunion were Gary Avis, Tina Belsham, Chris Seager, Gwyn Sloman, Carol Day, Pat Stannard and Michael (Tadge) James. Great to see all of you and really pleased that you could make it!

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