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"...Just wanted to add a comment about Saturday night, as I feel quite sad that it is all over - well, at least for another year!! Got me thinking about why we get so emotional about meeting all those people from all those years ago. I feel that the time we spent at school will always be a special time, even if some of the times were mildly unpleasant - stressful exams, broken hearts, falling out of friendship/love, detentions, our first hangovers and whatever else might have caused a minor blip in our lives then - but what remains for me - and, I believe for at least some of the people who turned up on the 5th April, is the feeling that we lived those years very intensely and that they were generally full of good memories. Full of "firsts"; first dates, first trips abroad without parents, first drinks, first loves! Perhaps its just that so many years have passed that allows us to look back upon it all with rose-coloured specs but I think it's more that those years were well and truly the beginning of our REAL LIFE! Anyway what does it matter why, we enjoyed organising it and - more to the point - enjoyed being there - we did it and we will do again!“

Eloquent quote from Carol Stephenson, after the second reunion.

These pages are designed to be more structured and focussed than the pupil's entries on Friends Reunited (FR), and are specific for our year and reunions.

We will not give out email addresses or phone numbers of former pupils as contact is available from the FR site. We have no intention of undermining their operation and indeed fully support them, as without them the reunions would not have happened.  If you want to get in contact with someone then pay your fiver and register with them.

If you want someone to blame for all of this, then the team is below; 
Alan Hayward

Formerly of 5R, Alan now lives in Swindon with his partner and four children. Does IT for a living, in between fiddling with motorbikes and organising reunions.

Kim George
"Mrs Brilliant Idea" herself, Kim resides in deepest Hampshire. Married with two children she has an incredible memory for names and people from when she was in 5P.


Carol Carol Stephenson
Also from 5R, Carol runs a business on Clacton Pier as well as a translating biz. Married with two children, she recently got a PhD in languages, so she is not yer typical Essex girl!


Aided and abetted by "Team T"
We are very grateful for the help given by Team T - Mary Lyall (left) and Wendy Munger (right), who have gone to town on reunion publicity.


Between us we have put the reunions together, so if you come along to the next one then take a minute to say thanks to Carol, Kim, Mary and Wendy, eh?

Take care


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